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The Card Network is burning up with Original Card content that highlights the BEST in Official Card Tournament News & Coverage, Digital Card Cames and even Sports Trading Cards....and there's more MAGIC to come with Special Tourney Events and Prizes!

ChannelFireball is excited to partner with Legend Story Studios to bring Flesh and Blood Events to the United States starting this September!  Se highlights on The Card Network and hear our panel discuss the Tournament events! The Calling has arrived and with it four weekends of events; four open entry tournaments and the United States Nationals.

The Calling Las Vegas September 10 –12

The Calling Dallas Fort-Worth October 15 –17

The Calling Cincinnati October 22 – 24

The Calling Orlando November 5 – 7

US Nationals Orlando November 5 –7

The Calling is a three-day event coming to cities throughout the U.S., celebrating all things Flesh and Blood. Check out Flesh and BLood at for information and to register for their first event in Vegas on September 10. Players and collectors of all levels are welcome – no badge required to join the fun! 

The Calling Las Vegas also features the exclusive worldwide premiere of the upcoming set “Kingdoms” – this is the first chance to get your hands on 1st Edition “Kingdoms” cards anywhere!  

For the players, it’s finally time to test your mettle against other Flesh and Blood competitors and come together to share your passion for FAB and everything that makes it special. With exclusive promos, playmats, $10,000 in prizes, tons of side events and an invite to the Pro Tour on the line, FAB players won’t want to miss The Calling!

The Calling Orlando is extra special, hosting both a Calling and the inaugural US National Championship with $50,000 in prizes and the National Title on the line. 

With tons of side events, exclusive playmats and promos, vendors throughout the hall, a fully stocked Prize Wall with Flesh and Blood singles and Sealed Product – The Callings are essential events for all the players, collectors and everyone in the Flesh and Blood Community!


Can’t make it out to the event? Join us from home – we’re broadcasting live coverage of The Callings on Twitch! Tune in from home and cheer on your favorite players and decks and join us in uniting our community across the globe in celebration of the game we all love. 

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Argent Commander - Hearthstone Digital Play Car

Despite the slight nerf to the Argent Commander in the most recent Hearthstone patch, Argent Commander remains a strong must-buy for any aspiring player. It was nerfed from a 4/3 to a 4/2 putting it in range of a Consecration or a Blizzard, but the fact is, it can still immediately remove most threats on the board the moment it comes out and survive. 6 mana is a bargain for the ability to knock out any 4 health minions (or get 4 quick damage in) and the Divine Shield gives it a little extra durability.


Chane Deck - Flesh and Blood

The Road to Nationals are coming up on Thursday, September 9th in Las Vegas!


Black Lotus - Rare Collecible - Magic the Gathering

Christopher Rush Signed Mint COllectible - Magic the Gathering sold for $250,000. Find out which cards are hot for tournament play and the most collectible and buy them here!

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