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About FSN's NFT Services

Understanding Your NFT Process as an Athlete/Celebrity



The NFT marketplace platform is critical for business models that require the secure exchange of non-fungible tokens. With our key features, we assist you in developing your innovative NFT marketplace development platform, using a variety of blockchain technologies. 


But first, let’s talk about the harsh truth: 90% of NFT projects do not succeed. The same rule applies to other forms of businesses as they launch. It’s worth knowing that there are about 39 million NFTs listed on OpenSea. That’s a massive amount of fish basically swimming in the same pond. But at the same time, a large number of those NFTs won’t sell at all. 

This means they fail to sell out their project and may need to resort to the closing thereof. 

So why is it that project founders find themselves in a rut? It’s really simple:

They do not have the skills or experience to market their project work

Think about the obvious first: Why should anyone buy your NFT or back your project? What makes it stand out from the rest?


For starters, you need a team (like us) to pave the way. We say this because we’ve done this before and our strategies work. The success of your NFT project requires a budget and a tailored experience to launch beyond the moon.  Think of us as the 360 intermediaries with a magic NFT recipe and a space shuttle.

Fantasy Sports Network’s NFT division is run by Kimberly Casey Carr of Major League Polo and has world-class technical resources as a Web3 marketing agency to help you build your NFT marketplace and will benefit from our top-tier design, NFT marketing and development services. Working with us means you get to work with a full-spectrum digital marketing team that has one clear goal in mind: measurable results. 




Building an NFT project does not only entail creating a series of artworks and then waiting for someone to purchase them. There’s a lot more to it and it starts with these pillars:

  • Digital Presence Set-Up:

  • WhiteList Initiation:

  • NFT promotion and NFT advertising FB/IG/Twitter

  • Release:

  • We sell like crazy with our pre-launch sequence in mind. Thank us later…



FSN’s NFT Marketing agency specializes in Metaverse design.  We waste no time, but we’ve made sure to construct a seamless outline that works in your favor:




We spend most of our money on media partners. Once your funnel is set up, we look into getting you the eyeballs from the people (media partners) who have what we need to make your NFT project a success. This pertains to everything from influencers to media articles that highlight you as the new kid on the block. We pay them for traffic, we give you sales. 


So, what do we take then? Good question. Once we’ve established a relationship with you, we ask for a partnered mint percentage and partnered fraction of NFTs, Crypto and land – if it’s a Metaverse project. 


Seems fair, right?



We may be the ones who work like crazy to get your project recognized, but we are also responsible for building your Web3 kingdom. This includes creating a village around you where your community can roam and interact. 


At the same time, we ask 3 things from you to make blast this rocket into Web3 oblivion:

  • Maintain your brand.

  • Work with us to drive partnerships and alpha utility

  • Help promote on your end also to your community

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get into it, you’ve come to the right place. Team effort!




You can’t have a successful NFT project up in a few days. Sure, you can cut some corners, but we’ve been through this before and the best foot forward is a launch that relies on growth stages.


Here’s how we do it:

  • A First Seed Sale that can bring you up to 100 NFT sales if The 4th leg of this roll-out focuses on Upsells (think upgrade plans and merchandise)

It is helpful to know that communities do expect your NFTs to sell out because if it doesn’t, your project will fizzle out and become obsolete. Of course, this is the last thing we want, so we keep things real by measuring your community numbers and launching a realistic amount of NFTs for sale. 


For example, if you have 2,000 community members on your pre-sale list, we look at launching only 500 to 1,000 NFTs. Once that round is complete, we take on another sale with the same structure and objective. 




A solid budget is the rocket fuel that markets your NFT project. With limited financial resources, your project may not be able to claim the success it deserves, but there is also no need to be excessive. 


Most average projects spend $30,000 – $100,000 on initial marketing. But what you earn from your NFT sales can help you re-launch another round and market it to the same effect.


Larger projects that sell out at around $5 million spend around $1 million on launching. 

The reality, however, is that you cannot expect to make $1 million on a launch that only costs $30,000. We have a spend budget up to $375k for premium NFT drops.


Now – let’s talk numbers…

Here’s what you can expect based on the below numbers in sales as your Partnership receivables from FSN:

  • $10k-25k on 50-500 NFTs

  • $50K-100k on 500-2,000 NFTs

  • $100k-500k on 2,000-5,000 NFTs

  • $1 million on 5,000-10,000 NFTs - U.S. Only

  • $3 million on 30,000 NFTs *Premium International Drops



Set up a strategy session with us and remember to save that link to your calendar. Also, be sure to review your expectations and roadmap beforehand so that we can have a clear vision of what your objectives are and how we can exceed them. In the meantime, think about your utilities and your Unique Value/Selling Propositions. 




There are numerous reasons why people are developing NFT projects. One of the main reasons is that NFTs have entered the mainstream and are on the verge of capturing market share from multiple markets and industries at the same time. As a result, now is the best time to get started.

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